Workout Tips

Learning from Body Builders: In truth, a bodybuilder is anyone doing resistance training to improve their physique based on their own personal goals. More


Several myths exist about fitness over 50 contributing to a sense of resignation that, once the half-century threshold has been crossed, nothing much can be done to improve physical ability. Part of this comes from our youth-oriented popular culture, while much of it unfortunately comes from baby boomers themselves as an excuse for inaction. More


With fitness, It’s About How, Not About How Much: The whole intent of recreational weight lifting is to target specific muscles or muscle groups, to isolate them, and to make them work through their full range of motion to exhaustion that results in hypertrophy, or growth. To accomplish these goals we need to maximize the stress on our target muscles, getting the most possible from every single rep, and, like it or not, form is much more important than weight volume. More


How do I get six-pack abs and lose weight?  How many times have you heard this question or even asked it yourself? The answer may seem complex and shrouded in mystery because popular culture throws so many “solutions” at us. We’ve all seen a thousand gadgets, supplements, and “30-day” programs all promising a quick and effortless path toward the coveted “six pack”, and most don’t even address weight loss. More


Fitness and weight loss goals and the Mentality of Motivation: Motivation comes primarily from a) believing the importance of our goals, and b) believing that our efforts and our actions can result in accomplishing the goal. So first of all, what does your goal mean to you? More