Summer Lacrosse Camps

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Speed, strength and endurance are mandatory for an athlete to play Lacrosse. Lacrosse is like football, soccer, rugby and hockey all combined into one fast, explosive sport that is becoming one of the more popular challenges in the valley. Our summer program is designed to condition the athletes and strengthen them for all aspects of the game. We will be training the core to turn faster and increase hip action for passing and agility.  Arm and shoulder strength will be a large focus to prevent injury taking into account all the contact between players.


Train all the Basics for Speed, Agility Strength and Endurance

Monday-Thursday  8 to 10 am: The first hour of each day will focus on weight lifting.  Our facility is set up with a complete weight room to target every area of the body in turn. Upper body, lower body and core training will alternate with workouts for fast twitch muscles to increase output and stride length.  Special targeting  for hip strength and lower core will encourage a longer stride and faster turnover for increased speed.

The second hour each day we will move to the turf area for conditioning and to work on shooting, passing, sprints and agility.

We Emphasize Safety and Coordination

With full body training and overall increase in conditioning, comes more coordination less chance of injury.  Our classes emphasize free weights and body lifts that will slowly condition all the major joints where injuries occur. We start with the hips, knees and shoulders but also work the ankles, wrists and elbows.

When your body is conditioned to perform at its peak level and strengthened to take the usual game-type of pounding and hits, it will make you a better athlete with less likelihood of injury.

Omni-fit: we build a complete athlete with the confidence and coordination to take their game further than ever before.