Summer Football Camps

Football Training: Take this summer to make yourself a better football player!!

Parents, we all want our kids to do the best they can at whatever they do, now they will! It amazes me that we send our 9, 10, 11, and 12 year old boys with no strength or condition in their shoulders, knees, or neck and tell them to strap on a helmet and run full speed into someone and we cheer! Why not teach them how to first!!!

We Teach the Basics FirstBuyNow_2

We have a program for young kids that will not only make them better physically at football (which will protect them from injury), but it will also give them knowledge to understand the game. For example, we explain the positions and what they are all designed to do. The game will make more sense and will be more fun.

10am to noon: Optimist Football
12:30 to 2:30pm: High School Football
2:30 to 4:30: Junior High Football

We Emphasize Safety and Coordination

We will start with basic strength and conditioning that will target all areas of the body making them stronger and more confident physically, which will show on the field. We will teach them all types of football drills that will make them a better player. We will work with your son or daughter directly so they will get an understanding of the game and be able to react with more confidence and the ability to make the play.

Speed, Agility and Power Come From Dedicated Training

We all know that in football hesitation is the reason you miss the ball or block. With more knowledge comes confidence. With confidence comes a faster reaction time on the field. All this adds up to more successful plays and fewer injuries. Many times injuries occur because of hesitation or never actually being trained how to tackle or block. Injuries also happen when the body is NOT conditioned or strong enough to take or give a hit. Physical strength and condition as well as basic game strategy will protect you from injury on the field. Even if you do take a big hit, your body will be able to handle it because you are stronger and you have learned how to absorb the blow and not get hurt.

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