Owner’s Comments

As the owners of Omni-Fit, we are excited to share with you our unique gym, training programs, trainers, attitude and energy that our gym exemplifies.  Our goal is simple, we want you to succeed whatever your personal fitness goals are.  We don’t want you to stay the same person.  We want you to change!

We are always adding something new to the gym. Try out your golf swing on the weekends inside where it is warm! We have also added indoor batting practice for baseball players of all ages. We are running specials for personal, group and team training so call anytime for more information.

Last but not least, thanks to the young people that have chose to be a part of our Omni-Fit Gym.  We hope to help you with a great foundation of exercise technique, skill and attitude for whatever sports you are currently active in and in the future.  While we hope to help inspire you, please know that you are and inspiration to us as well and you bring a great energy to our gym.