Omni-Fit Youth Training

Omni-fit performance training is a program for everyone regardless of skill level, gender,  athletic ability or fitness goals.  Our youth program is designed to work on the core strength of the body as well as speed and strength.  We train in small classes that allow attention to detail and focus on form and function.  Most teenagers are involved in some type of activity or sport and they practice on that sport.  We focus on training all areas of the body that will enhance the ability to excel at that sport. In short, we build a strong foundation.

Youth ages 9-11

This is a very important time in a youth’s life because they are getting involved in numerous activities.  Kids need to build a good foundation to be successful and prevent injuries.  The youth at this age usually do not work their core body, they run and jump and work on the sport they are playing, but NO ONE works on all the muscles and joints that allow the body to do all these things.
This fall we are offering after school classes, Monday-Thursday for 60 minutes for kids all levels of fitness to practice good body mechanics. We teach them to be a functioning athlete who can adapt to any sport for the future.


Youth ages 12-14

This age is when a youth develops their neuromuscular patterns.  Fundamentals are vital at this age because they are developing the athletic skills, postures and form they will most likely have the rest of their lives.  The Omni program focuses on progressing the athlete in their movements while refining and ingraining the correct fundamentals of speed, agility and power.  Repeated skills and repetition ingrains the mind and body to permanently change the body in motion and form.


Omni integrates strength and power training in a 60 minute class that will improve proper techniques with increase force that leads to maximized potential.  Kids are growing fast at this age and the combination of training while the body is growing will only increase the coordination, strength and endurance of the athlete. We offer monthly gym memberships for youth ages 12 and up, but require this supervised class Monday-Thursday for safety and to develop great form and fundamentals.

Youth age 15 and up

At this age, teens have developed neuromuscular patterns and the fundamental skills of speed, agility and strength.  Technique needs to be fine-tuned at this age and the final building of the athlete is our goal at Omni-fit.  Each athlete is optimized according to their areas of needed improvement.  We focus on repeated applications of learned body mechanics to create mastery of that action.  We use endless combinations of athletic skills so competing in the game is effortless.  We focus on strength and power increases with a moderate and heavy load to optimize success.