Kenny Kuehl – Youth Trainer-OYC

We are proud to have Kenny Kuehl as the head of our youth training program.  He comes to us with years of coaching and training experience in numerous sports from professional athletes to kids.  He has been training professional athletes for the last five years, while coaching football at the Jr. high and High school levels.  His motivation and positive attitude while coaching in a very detailed style helps kids understand and change bad habits and strive to work hard and do things correctly.

He knows what hard work is, from walking on at Boise State in 86 and earning a scholarship and too becoming an all american in College to a free agent for 4 yrs at the professional level.  He played competitively until he was 32 when he and his wife Susan of 22 yrs decided to have a family.  Remington now 16 and Carter 13 are his pride and joy.  You can tell just by watching them workout and play sports they have been taught by him.   Kenny prides himself on giving knowledge to our youth so they can, from the beginning, know how to train and what to train while having perfect form.  He is constantly driving the kids to work hard and prove to themselves they can do it.

He took his drive and work ethic to the business world where he started his own company in the restoration constructionfeild with and management Company for 10 years.  While he ran the company he was awarded Business of the year and Intergrity Business of the year all while working and  playing sports.  He retired when he sold his company in 96 but has always stayed coaching and training people.

Kenny’s favorite qoutes,  “  Don’t be average,,,, Be Amazing ! “  and “  Nobody remembers 2nd “  sad but true !