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KyleHuge props to Kenny Kuehl and Jeannie Zingg on there transformation of my son Kyle. Yesterday Kyle (12) ran his 1 mile run in a astounding 7min 45 sec. Now I know that might not seem all that great to most of you , but Kyle has never been a good runner especially at a distance over 100 yards. Kyle has always been big for his age and has struggled with battling the bulge. Omni-Fit, LLC has changed all that and has Kyle in better shape that I ever would have dreamed of. So great job Kyle and Omni-Fit on all your hard work. Proud Dad


Rick 90 day


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My name is Rik Thomas and I’m 47 years in the making. When I was younger I always had that metabolism that would allow me to eat anything and everything without gaining any weight, keeping well under the 200lb Mendoza line. That started to change when I hit the 40 year mark but not as bad as when I hit 45. At that age things slowed down and I found myself passing the 200lb mark on my way toward 230lbs at age 47. It was at this time I decided that the first step to fixing my weight issue was to quit smoking after 28 years. After 3 months and another 14lbs (244lbs) I decided the gym was the place I needed to go. My son (Kyle age 12) had been coming to Omni-fit for the past 5 months and had enjoyed it and had been having great results improving his strength and speed along with reducing his weight. So I started on a three day a week (Mon, Wed. and Friday) workout regimen. At this point I wasn’t paying any attention to eating the right things because I thought the workouts would take care of it. So after a month and a half of working out I was getting stronger but I was gaining muscle weight and not losing any fat weight. I plateaued at 258lbs and a little discouraged. It was at this point Omni-fit introduced me to some supplemental drinks for my breakfast and lunch. I can honestly say this has changed everything. In the past two and a half weeks I have lost 19lbs (down to 239lbs). My workouts have improved and strength increased in just a very short time. Everything I eat is a healthy choice. I have more energy and strength than I’ve had in many years. Omni-fit has treated me as a part of their family and I don’t feel like just another member on their scorecard. So if I can make these kind of changes so can you with the help of the team at Omni-fit. Thanks Jeannie and Kenny

Rik Thomas